About Us

Who Are We

At 337builds, we make custom gaming PCs. We can make them to your exact specifications or if you are not very familiar with pc harware, you can also choose from one of our prebuilt options.


When building our computers we treat it as if it was for ourselves. We don’t take shortcuts in the build process. All builds will have the best possible cable management we are able to give them.


Here at 337builds the last thing we want is for an item to be damaged in shipping. We fill the interiors of the computers with instapak to hold interior items in place while being shipped. We then put the computer back into its case box. To take even more precautions, we then put that into another box with padding in between the two.


After the build process of your computer is complete, we install windows onto the computer. We will then install all necessary drivers and stress test the system.


If any issues are had with your product upon receiving it, you can contact us for free tech support to help you fix the issue.